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Pi-Hole on Raspberry Pi

Hi, I'm Mima,

I am a Systems Administrator and a technology enthusiast from LA.

Mimz Techritory is my way of broadcasting my portfolio and interests to the world! Here I publish technical projects I am working on, applications and gadgets I am building and tech events I attend throughout the year.

I have a passion for learning and I create content to share my knowledge and tech excitement with you! View my media for a closer glimpse of tech tasks, learning materials and more.

Mimz Three Specialties:

System Administrators
Leader in LBWiT
Technical Trainer

Welcome to my adventure!


As a Systems Administrator I enjoy the diversity and complexity that everyday brings. My daily tasks and ongoing projects keep me engaged, entertained and motivated to learn more. 

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I am a leaders in Long Beach Women in Tech. LBWiT is made up of strong females that share a passion for technology. We are committed to sharing knowledge and increasing our numbers in technology.

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Technical Trainer

My years in IT gave me the skills to become a Technical Trainer. Working with numerous clients, hosting many hardware and application training sessions have helped me grow a knowledge base of useful information. 

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Learn more about my academic education and professional experience.

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I enjoy learning and sharing my knowledge with others. Here you will find blogs and videos about IT, lifestyle and tech projects.

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