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About Mima Lopez

Mima Lopez is a Systems Administrator, Content Creator and a Tech Mentor. With 9+ years in the IT field, she has extensive experience supporting on-prem and cloud environments.

Mima has a passion for learning and strives to stay up to date with new technology. She has acquired many tech certifications and attends IT courses to sharpen her tools. Mima consistently volunteers to assist tech organizations and mentors young women to encourage them to join STEM fields.

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About Mimz Techritory

Mimz Techritory started off as a YouTube technology channel by Mima Lopez in 2019 as a way to share her tech knowledge and interests to the world.

Mimz Techritory focuses on knowledge increase and career advancement. The channel publishes tech tutorials, interview and career advice and demonstrates technical projects. Mimz Techritory supports women in STEM and encourages more women to join the tech industry.

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Install And SetUp Security Cameras On A Food Truck
YMDK96 custom keyboard build
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Mimz Techritory content includes

Technical Tutorial
Career Advancement Advice
Women In History Of STEM
Custom Keyboard Builds
3D Design & Printing
Programming & Coding
Robotics & AI
Gaming & Entertainment