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Train To Race

Spartan Race

My first OCR was the Spartan Sprint - an uphill, 4+ mile, 20+ obstacle race that kicked my ass! Conquering the Fire Jump and crossing the finish line was exciting and sparked my motivation!

My goal is to participate in two Spartan Races a year and eventually complete a Trifecta. These events are filled with kind, strong and positive people!

Terrain Race

The Terrain Race is a fun and muddy 4+ mile, 15+ obstacle race. I participated in this race late 2018 with my fitness crew and we all had a blast! We supported each other throughout the course which strengthened our bond.

My goal is to participate in 1 Terrain Race a year. I have found that booking races in advance motivates you to strength train and run throughout the year.

Insane Inflatable 5K 

More Races!

Here are other races that I have participated in. Some are OCR's and others are easy fun runs just to stay motivated.

My main race list includes:
- Camp Pendleton Mud Run
- Tough Mudder
- Insane Inflatable 5k
- Color Run
- Foam Glow

I am always looking for new ones!

Inaugural Batman 5k LA

Inaugural Batman 5k in LA was a big success! Lots of awesome batman and DC fans came out and ran/walked to celebrate Batman's 80th anniversary!